Q: Why did my previous permanent make up not last?
A: Your technician more than likely used iron oxide tattoo inks instead of the
more advanced iron oxide free Noveau Contour Pigments

Q: Why did my eye brows turn pink and can they be repaired?
A: Yes absolutely they can be corrected with a specially formulated colour
corrector and your new colour implanted - this can be done in one procedure
leaving you with natural soft and attractive brows

Q: Is this procedure painful?
A: A topical anesthetic is used before the procedure and you will be
comfortable at all times

Q: How long will my eye liner last?
A: Your liner will last for between 10 - 15 years before you will require
re-implantation of pigment

Q: I have very sensitive eyes, will I be able to have permanent eye liner?
A: Yes you will, many opthalmologists advocate permanent make up as you
will be less prone to eye infections from the regular type make up

Q: I am pregnant can I still have my permanent enhancement done?
A: I do not recommend permanent cosmetics during pregnancy, however
should you clear this procedure with your gynecologist you may have the
procedure done

Q: How long will the procedure take?
A: Permanent make up procedures will take between one and one and a
half hours to complete


Q: Will I be very swollen, and when can I return to work?
A: You may have slight swelling on eye liner and full lip procedures
however this will subside within a day, in rare instances lips may swell for two days

Q: I am an older lady and do not want to look too made up... but I would very much like to do eye brows, what do you recommend?
A: All enhancements can be vibrant or subtle, for older ladies I reccomend a mist or soft solid brow, this will give you a very natural and soft look

Q: I get fever blisters, I want to have my lips done but am affraid to, can
we prevent this?
A: Yes you can, your Intra Dermal Pigmentologist will advise you to take an
anti viral before this procedure can be done

Q: How old must I be to get permanent make up done?
A: Most countries have their own legislation and these may vary from state to state, however in South Africa the age is 18 without parental consent

Q: What if I dont like my new lip colour?
A: Noveau Contour Pigments are designed in such a way that colour alterations
are not difficult to perform although you may be restricted to
colours nearest to your first choice

Q: Can my tattoo be removed in one session?
A: Although tattoos are often chemically removed in one session, it is
wiser not to bargain on this.

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